Designing Independence – adaptive clothing for all

I’m currently working with an interdisciplinary team of graduate students pursuing degrees in Fashion Design, Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship.

Designing Independence Pitch Deck

Check out our most recent pitch deck here: Designing Independence Pitch Deck

We’ve been through a few iterations, here’s one of our first pitch decks: September 2017

Our Process: 


Do people with disabilities have trouble putting on and taking off clothes?

Do we need to create clothing for people with disabilities?

Problem Validation & Customer Discovery

We’ve interviewed over 70 people ranging from parents of kids with Down Syndrome (DS), to the CEO of Delaware’s Special Olympics. Our group found out about a weekly kickboxing club for kids with DS, so we took a trip down the road and talked to as many parents as we could. They were ecstatic that we were attempting to solve their problems. We learned so much about the problems they face and even observed the kids in action. Their sleeves had to be rolled up, pants didn’t fit quite right, and their clothes had to be constantly adjusted. We even learned that some people simply want to deal with it.

Here’s an example of a flyer we put up to get leads.


Testing a potential solution (Current Stage)

This is one of the parts that stumped the team for a bit. We just could not figure out how we could get this potential solution into the hands of customers as soon as possible. We tossed around ideas of prototyping a custom pair of pants, with measurements that were more likely to fit the user, but with finals week quickly approaching, we didn’t necessarily have the bandwidth to get it done. It’s currently winter session, and we’ve got an idea. Using the data we’ve gathered from our interviews and observations, perhaps we can create a sort of “online shop” that lists all the best places to find clothes that fit. Our main assumption is that parents will either be glad that they don’t have to do the searching themselves or they’ll give us feedback on the existing options, letting us know whether or not they their needs. Another possibility of course is that they just don’t need that service. We won’t know until we test those assumptions, and we’re currently drafting a plan to prototype a solution.

From the data we’ve collected so far, we’re looking to conduct solution interviews within the next month. We’re developing a business model based on insights gained from our initial interviews. Data such as how often parents purchase new clothing for their children and how much they’d be willing to pay.

We’ve been through a few iterations along the way, we’re learning. Here’s one of our first pitch decks: September 2017

Check back here to see our latest progress!

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