Idea Sprint with University of Delaware NAACP


Design Sprints with both NAACP (Civil Rights / Social Justice) and NSBE (Black Engineers) student organizations on campus.

    • Goals were to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs.
    • Increase diversity in Horn Entrepreneurship offerings.
    • Spread the methods of creativity and design thinking while developing solutions to problems facing our communities.


Notes from my workshops:

NAACP Posters (Environmental Justice, Healthcare, Gun Control, Education)

What is Entrepreneurship? (Entering Event)

  • Never engaging in a transaction that does not benefit both parties
  • building , innovating, or expanding on a brand or theory for the purpose of making money
  • The pursuit of building one’s company starting from nothing
  • Building a business that works for you
  • Starting from the bottom to the top
  • Pursuing your dreams of impacting the world through business or service
  • Being innovative, implementing your vision, making an impact
  • Being a boss and holding your own business
  • Being your own boss and guiding your own business and path
  • Pursuing a dream through a vehicle that can benefit yourself and others


How will you make an Impact? (Leaving Event)

  • Inform the community that its ok to talk about problems
  • I will surround myself with people I can learn from and grow with who would like to grow with who would like to drive their own progress and partner on a team to do it.
  • I will leave my 9-5 in the next 3 years to use that time to empower others
  • Educate adults, children, and the elderly on environmental problems and pollution through hands-on educational problems; incorporating law and policy makers and involving a global consortium. If that doesn’t work then we’ll build a dome and rocket and move to another planet.
  • Money off mortgage for moving solar panels, laws in other countries, lobbying
  • Intense training composed of (while being trained to use a gun)
    • Mental health screenings
    • Gun assimilation
    • Background checks, security training
    • Incorporating expensive costs: increasing price of guns
  • School counselors, class on mental health, early education -> college. Parents encouraging counselors

Environmental Justice Team

(Problems) 59 total

  • Pollution
  • Lack of environmental education
  • Foreign policies
  • Dumping of electronics
  • Incentives
  • Water reuse
  • Landfills
  • Repurposing fecal waste
  • Waste removal
  • Laws / Bills

(Solutions) 18 total

  • Implement educational tools and courses into high schools, elementary, and middle schools, and nursing homes
  • Charge people / fines for not recycling
  • Start environmental programs
    • Hands-on
    • Online course
    • Take home projects
    • Animal and environmental science classes
    • Tax reductions, money off car bill
  • Entrepreneurship majors as law makers and environmental consultants
  • Environmental consortium
  • Limit dangerous gases from factories
  • Aliens come from Mars to clean up pollution
  • Air filtration
  • Industrial parks
  • Rocket the waste to another planet
  • Build a dome
  • Repurpose fecal waste
  • Move to a different planet


Gun Control Team

(Solutions) 16 total

  • Mental health screening
  • Increase age requirement
  • Limit sales in certain places
  • Increase security clearance
  • Background checks
  • Intense training
  • Gun injury assimilation
  • Gummy bear bullets
  • Virtual guns
  • Bullets that don’t go into your skin
  • Non lethal ammunition
  • Police trouble
  • Jail time for police
  • Limit gun purchases
  • Increase gun price
  • Gun detectors in every building


Healthcare Team

Problems (28 total)

  • Affordable healthcare
  • Hospital location
  • Transportation arrangement
  • Mental health institutions
  • Coverage
  • Doctor’s pay
  • Medical school cost
  • Nursing school cost
  • Where do I go?
  • Research for cures
  • Abortion rights
  • C-section rights
  • Obamacare repeal
  • Legislature for everyone
  • Pain meds
  • Medical costs
  • Cancer research
  • Few people of color
  • Overseas doctors
  • Misrepresentation
  • Too few women POC doctors
  • Not enough clinics in urban areas
  • Affordable menstrual products
  • Nursing homes affordability
  • Fear of doctors
  • Drug abuse
  • Mental health



(Problems 30 total)

  • Self image
  • Communication
  • Assessments
  • Capitalism
  • Students and teachers reduced to numbers
  • success/failure
  • Quality of books
  • No lessons about habits
  • Discipline
  • Delayed vs instant gratification
  • Money lessons
  • Values
  • Government funding
  • Transportation
  • Home life
  • Lack of representation of other cultures in administration and teachers
  • Job training
  • Lack of unity
  • Get not give
  • Bullying
  • General teaching vs specific guidance
  • Dress codes
  • Conformity
  • Financials
  • Who is credible to teach?
  • Inconsistency in curriculum
  • No people skills training
  • Outdated info
  • Lack of purpose
  • What? Not How?

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