G.A.M.E. Day – A Celebration of Fatherhood

Fathers felt left out. They felt that an emphasis was bein placed on the fathers who were absent. People go all out for moms on Mother’s Day.

Started as an idea. I spoke with the originator, the org’s president and CEO, and reassured her it could be done.

We collaborated with an amazing group of individuals and organizations throughout the City of Wilmington. Local nonprofits, greek letter organizations, schools, City Council, and even the Office of the Mayor. It was a powerful group of leaders deidcated to positively impacting the community.

I served as the treasurer for the event, something I had done before in my schools NAACP chapter during my junior year, but this was on a whole new level. I kept track of the budget, incoming donations, and ensured that we did not go into the red. We ended up having some extra money that we used to purchase extra hotdogs and icecream.

It was truly a collaborative approach, each group taking on various tasks which were pieces added to a greater puzzle. The event was a success.

It started out as just an idea, and just a few weeks later, we got to see our ideas in action.

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