goodfoot – my first step into design

goodfoot was my first ever entrepreneurial endeavor in college. I was young, and knew absolutely nothing about entrepreneurship and design principles. I was honestly just a freshman with a health sciences major who knew he was interested in business and entrepreneurship. So I attempted to combine my interests.

I submitted the idea to my college’s business competition called First Step, a program challenging students to come up with ideas that would change the world. My view of a better world was one where sedentary lifestyles were no more.

My process was this: create a really cool app that everyone will love.

To say the least, this was a learning process for me and was definitely my first step into design. I came to understand that no matter how many hours I put into designing an app with tons of cool features, if it didn’t solve a problem, and I hadn’t validated any key assumptions with potential customers, my product didn’t matter.

AftI failed to place in the top 3 teams each First Step competition, back to back years (2015 & 2016), and in a smaller scaled Halloween-themed pitch party in between. But I sure did learn a whole lot. I learned that I needed to get out of the building. I needed to talk to real people. I needed to solve someone’s problem.

In the end, the product’s pitch came along as something like this.

The problem: -Sedentary lifestyle
-Lack of motivation: get fit for a cause
-Lack of community in fitness apps: challenge anyone

The Solution:  goodfoot is a for-profit social good mobile app designed to foster a dynamic fitness community where its members motivate each other to raise money and awareness for charities they care about. I want to make this app because I feel it is my duty to make the world a better place for those around me and for those to come. There are many causes which interest me however it is often difficult to focus on more than one at a time. I believe that fun is the future and through community motivation, we can both strengthen ourselves as well as others. goodfoot syncs with your wearable fitness device or another pedometer app to track your daily steps and challenge others to beat your best score. Users choose a charity of their choice to raise money for and upon completion of the goal, a donation will be made by a corporate sponsor. The app is unique in that it allows users to challenge others to completing a set goal for the day/week/month. Opposing users run for different organizations and the winner has the funds from both runners donated to his/her charity. Win or lose, money is going to a good place; there are no losers. In the result of a tie, both organizations get funds.

Out of all of our “next steps” listed on our presentation poster, only one mattered. We said that we’d set up a table in our school’s student center to engage with students to ask them about what motivates them to get fit. That should have been one of our first steps.

We did not fail throughout the process, we learned a whole lot. I’m excited for the day when our team can come back together to do it the right way.



Halloween Pitch Party


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