Ideas to Action – a lesson in teaching entrepreneurship & design thinking

This course provides high school students enrolled in TeenSHARP an introduction to the entrepreneurial process involved in generating ideas and moving from idea to entrepreneurial action. Tools and practices associated with evidence-based entrepreneurship, which can be described as “building a business like a scientist,” are emphasized. Course deliverables focus on conceiving and initial testing of a business idea that students may be interested in pursuing.

The course’s readings, videos, and deliverables are designed to help students:
(1) Develop an entrepreneurial mindset by becoming sensitized to the opportunities that exist all around them.
(2) Gain a basic understanding of the entrepreneurial process, especially as it relates to the initial steps involved in generating, screening and pursuing novel ideas.
(3) Use a business model canvas and customer discovery interviewing to conduct initial tests of their best ideas.
(4) Improve leadership, communication, and influence skills to gain buy in for their ideas.


Iterated during the semester — student led discussions and socratic seminar

Understand that the feedback I provide the university will help them to design a better learning experience for students.

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