Tremor Suppression in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease

Collaborated with a team of two other Exercise Science seniors in our Research Methods course.

Check out the presentation here: KAAP400 Presentation

And our final grant proposal here: Grant


Talk about the process of going through these steps leading to final presentation

3. Significance and Innovation

2. Specific Aims

  1. Letter of Intent

script for the final presentation: Presentation Script

“Hey! So we were thinking of looking into Parkinson’s and some kind of weighted/compression sleeves. I have seen the effect of weighted blankets and thought that maybe we can somehow relate it to a compression sleeve to help fine motor skills. Also thinking about maybe splinting or casting to help with wrist stability for individuals with Parkinson’s to help with tremors. ” – Jennifer

Was really nervous because I knew nothing about Parkinson’s but it was personal for a team member and that made all the difference.

An initial article that Jennifer found.

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